Technology Classes

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The Rowan County Public Library offers a range of technology classes that cater to your skill level and learning goals.

Classes are free and open to the public.  Laptops are provided, however students are encouraged to bring their own laptops or devices with them to class in order to address any questions that they may have regarding those devices.

On Wednesdays, students will be given a chance to familiarize themselves with the content for that week. On Thursdays, students will have an opportunity to conduct various exercises utilizing the hardware or software viewed on Wednesday.

Saturdays are an open forum where the RCPL Technology Staff fields questions regarding personal computers or devices.

Questions regarding Apple products are welcome!

Various lessons and instructional powerpoints can be found on the Class Resources Page.

RCPL Computer Classes

Intro/Familiarization, Wednesdays @ 12 pm

Core Content, Thursdays @ 4:30 pm

Open Technology Forum, Saturdays @ 11 am